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Lindisfarne 130  ·   Walsingham 190  ·  Canterbury 310  ·  Rome 1140  ·  Constantinople 1570  ·  Jerusalem 2290

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The community is very fortunate to have this lovely 18th century house, which is so much more than just the Vicar's residence.   It is used, as in 'the olden days', not only as the vicar's house, but also as the church office, for meetings, groups, parties and fetes, and is even used to accommodate pilgrims and visitors on Quiet Days.    


In 1685 Lastingham Vicarage had just one barn and one stable.

In 1715 it was described as a dwelling house, thatched, 20 yards long and 5 yards wide, with a barn of similar size as well as a stable and beast house, the whole building being 50 yards in length and 5 yards wide.

In 1809 it had four chambers and a parlour with boarded floors and a kitchen, pantry and hall with stone floors. There was also a turf house.

It was further enlarged or altered in 1817 and 1829. The date stone over the front door,  RH 1829,  refers to the vicar, the Revd Robert Harrison.

Based on Raymond H. Hayes MBE FSA  and Joseph Hurst,
A History of Hutton-le-Hole, © North York Moors National Park 1988




Lastingham Parish Room is the West room on the ground floor of the 18th century Vicarage.  It has been used as a parish facility for as long as anyone can remember, and in the parish terrier of 1899 is called a ‘classroom’.  At the beginning of 2001 the room was seen to have great potential but was in need of repair and refurbishment.

Challenges and Opportunities

Lastingham Church is mentioned in Bede’s Ecclesiastical History
(AD 731) and in Simon Jenkins’ England’s Thousand Best Churches.  It has a rich history, both architectural and spiritual.  This began thirteen and a half centuries ago when St Cedd of Lindisfarne founded Lastingham as a monastery. It became not only a centre for prayer and study but also provided hospitality for travellers.

In recent years Lastingham Church has seen many pilgrims, and each year several groups have been booking one-day retreats.  At a time when national church attendance figures may be showing an upward turn in certain categories, and when many people are in quest of spiritual renewal, we feel that we ourselves should be exercising a ministry of welcome and hospitality. 

A refurbished Parish Room was therefore seen not merely as a convenient facility for ourselves, but also part of our wider ministry. 

We envisaged a warm and homely room, which could not only provide hospitality but also serve as a small conference room. 


What we've done so far

  • Extensive repairs, including the replacement of rotting lintels, much of the plasterwork, the south entrance door and all four of the cills.

  • Installed central heating.

  • Carried out re-wiring and installation of new lighting.

  • Installed a kitchenette unit.

  • Provided office facilities: desking, computer etc.

  • Provided teaching facilities: flip-chart easel, OHP and sound equipment.

  • Displayed a selection of books and magazines, devotional, theological and recreational, likely to be of interest to pilgrims and others.

What we've been using the Parish Room for

  • Study and discussion groups, Sunday School, confirmation classes etc.  Snacks or a light supper have been served on some occasions.

  • Choir practice.

  • Occasional worship, e.g. the Office of Compline after a meeting.

  • PCC and other meetings.

  • Parish office.

  • Facilities for people on Quiet Days at the church (including for the past two years the Bishop of Whitby’s Quiet Day for those to be ordained). 

  • Hospitality for youth groups (so far, one from a boarding school and one from an inner city parish). 

  • Social functions.

what we'd like to do

  • Provide cloakroom facilities (at present the Vicarage has to be used).

  • Provide a utility room, for storage, and facilities for small groups of pilgrim walkers.

  • Upgrade the area between the two buildings to form a paved courtyard with access to the front garden.  This will require repairs to the boundary wall, diversion of the drains, levelling and re-paving.

What will it cost?

 The four PCCs agreed to pay the first £2500, and all of this has been spent on Phase I.   We now need to raise the remainder.   

  • The cost of the lighting and wiring, plus some of the sundries, has been covered for the moment.  Some has been donated, but the remainder is to be repaid eventually. 

  • The cloakroom facilities and utility room, and upgrading the existing courtyard,  will cost  £15 000 - £17 000.


*     *     *


At a time when many vicarages are being sold, you may like to visit the website of Save Our Parsonages






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